Culture Corner

A hodge podge of all things Chinese

Li Hing Mui

We've eaten this snack for years but what are its origins?

Chinese New Year

In China it is known as "Spring Festival"

Ching Ming Festival

Paying respect to one's ancestors

Chinese Zodiac

How these animals influence your life and why the rat is first.

Mid-Autumn/Moon Festival

The legend behind one of China's most important holidays.

8 Immortals

This group of people are legendary in China.  Find out why.

Water Chestnut Cake

Here's a recipe on how to make this delicious gelatin...  made from water chestnuts...

Dr. Sun Yat-sen

Sun Yat-sen, father of modern China, had many ties to Hawaii.  

Chinese Religion and Culture

How the "Three Teachings" shaped Chinese culture.

Dragon Boat Festival

Explanation of this ancient Chinese holiday.

Lunar calendar, Solar calendar and Chinese calendar

Understanding the differences.

Hungry Ghost Festival

What we do when the ghosts come to visit.

National Hero

Lin Zexu

China's fight against opium drug use

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