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Toronto LSHT Centennial Celebration

by Doug Hom

On the weekend of August 19, 2023, I had the rare opportunity and pleasure to travel to Canada to participate with our sister organization, Toronto Lem Si Ho Tong, in their centennial celebration. Toted as their 100th-103rd Year Anniversary, they had to wait 3 extra years due to the pandemic. With 5 years in the planning, all those in attendance were treated to a spectacular event. Out-of-town guests included myself from Hawaii, San Francisco LSHT, New York LSHT, Vancouver LSHT and the World Lin's Association of Taiwan. Out-of-town guests were treated royally, and escorted throughout the weekend of celebration which included a group picture-taking at Toronto City Hall, a visit and luncheon at Toronto LSHT clubhouse, a banquet extravaganza with over 65o people in attendance, and a full day of sightseeing which included a boat ride to Niagara Falls. This event was truly a reflection of the pride that Toronto LSHT had for their 100 year history.

Inside newly renovated Toronto LSHT clubhouse. After a $2M investment they now rent out the 1st floor to Denny's restaurant and the 2nd and 3rd floors to a yoga studio providing income for the society.

Their altar for Tin Hau is smokeless using electronic LED lights providing a healthy environment for their members.

At the banquet, dignitaries participated in "dotting the eyes of the Chinese lions".

LSHT Presidents from San Francisco, Vancouver, New York and Hawaii, and the President of the World Lins Association of Taipei, join the stage with Toronto President Gordon Lam and VPs Ken Lam and Paul Lem.

Exchanging gifts with Toronto LSHT President Gordon Lam.

Entertainment included Chinese quick-change mask artist and Chinese dance.


But the highlight of the evening was MC Howard Lim (seen above pointing to his co-MC Denise). Long time member and COO of Toronto LSHT, Dr. Howard Lim is a man of many talents. Not only did he MC the entire night, he also sang and danced Frank Sinatra's "My Way". You can see that even at 70, he still has the moves.

At the end of the celebration, out-of-town guests were taken on a boat ride to Niagara Falls.

A big congratulation to Toronto Lem Si Ho Tong for your 100 years of service to the Lem/Lam/Lim/Lum/Lin family and your Chinese community and Chinese traditions.


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