Vineyard Street Crosswalk

In 2013 Lum Sai Ho Tong, together with Kwan Yin Temple and others in the community, met with the State to propose a much-needed crosswalk on Vineyard Boulevard. Located between A'ala St. and Maunakea St. this crosswalk connects the Kwan Yin Temple and Foster Garden with the historic River St. area.

2013 - After decades of requests, LSHT, along with Kwan Yin Temple, meets with the State to propose again a much needed sidewalk on Vineyard Blvd to connect with the historic River St area

2016 - With the backing of Rep. Karl Rhoads, the State approves and budget monies to build the crosswalk

2018 - Construction of the sidewalk begins

July 2019 - Crosswalk lights are operational

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